If our galaxy has millions of habitable planets, then it seems likely that life has evolved on more than just this one.


It seems very unlikely though that there is another record label as fiesty and passionate as Invisible Milk Records. Let the aliens prove us wrong.Their music is probably rubbish anyway.



Fingermouse & Rubberneck - "Samsquantch" EP

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NOW AVAILABLE: The debut release of Fingermouse & Rubberneck on Invisible Milk Records. The CD EP consists of six tracks and was mastered by Dante Portella (The Front Bottoms, Lucius, Wyclef Jean) in New Jersey, USA. First run of 250 copies include limited edition 'vinyl' CD face print, and full color inside jacket printed artwork, presented in a sealed eco-wallet. Orders ship September 1st, 2016.

“Cool tunes, really nice hooks and sound. My head is still bobbing”
- Justin Seidenberg, Kiqstart Music

"Check this EP out when it drops - it’s absolutely fantastic." - Independent Spotlight

"There’s something extremely catchy about them that makes you want to put this one on repeat." -


Track Listing:

1. The Mouse (Radio Edit) 2. Nothing I Can Do  3. Out In The Heat  4. What You Want  5. The Mouse (Acoustic Version)  6. The Mouse (Full Version)
Runtime: 21 mins

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