If optimists are more likely to succeed than pessimists, then you should be an optimist.

However, you don't want to be a blind optimist, spouting nonsense like a haunted pork wankcrumpet. Instead, let the music of Invisible Milk Records season your mind and inform your accumulated wisdom. 

Fingermouse & Rubberneck


Fingermouse & Rubberneck


Fingermouse and Rubberneck is Tom Few (lead, rhythm guitars and vocals) and Simon Murfitt (bass, harmonica, vocals and digital bodging).

The boys first met while playing together in a local band.

After the closure of the project they decided that greater things were still yet to come and formed their own two-piece production team.

Blending EDM and hip-hop production techniques with the sounds of indie/blues/rock and funk, has led to a 'seventies meets the nineties' sound that has its own unique flavour.

There was no intention to follow a particular genre or style and instead they chose to jam it out and let things happen naturally.

The 'gents' get their groove on in Cambridge (England), in Mill Road, and both are equally involved in the composition and production of their music.

All recordings take place in an undisclosed studio near some train tracks.

How often do the trains go by? So often they don't notice.

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Photography by Andy Botcher

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