If the visitor was a stranger, then the dog would have barked. The dog did not bark.

This does not mean the visitor was a not a stranger. What could have happened is that the dog was listening to music from Invisible Milk Records and abandoned his preternatural vigilance against cockwombles.


Invisible Milk Records is a small record label based in northern New Jersey, good ole US of A.

Founded by Rob Quicke (also founder of College Radio Day in the USA), the label was created to produce and distribute music that needs to be heard and isn't being played anywhere else. "For me, it's about putting music out there that that I am passionate about, that I believe deserves a wider audience and is also very good as well!" says Rob.

The first signing for the label was Fingermouse & Rubberneck, a duo from Cambridge, England. Rob was a childhood friend of one of the band, Tom Few, and they grew up in Cambridge together before Rob would one day leave to live in the USA permanently. "Fingermouse & Rubberneck are a two-person band that are absolutely devoted to crafting unique, ardent music that deserves to be heard. I am delighted to release their debut EP on Invisible Milk Records!" says Rob.

The idea for the name Invisible Milk Records came from Rob's 7-yr-old daughter Sophie, who posed the family the following riddle: "what can you feel but not see?" After exhaustive attempts to answer the question, Sophie finally revealed the answer as "invisible milk, of course!"

Future releases on the label will also hopefully include AudioBooks as well as other bands and artists. Watch this space for more information!

A record label that's entirely driven by quality music - not by any need to be profitable or 'cool'....